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The success of the online document led to the demand for printed copies by the sales representative teams, therefore the project grew from online only application to a printed version.

With a high focus on sustainability, printing was approached in a responsible manner. A small print-run was mindfully printed in Canada using 100% recycled, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified paper, recyclable binding methods, and sized to avoid paper waste.  

Corporate Sustainability Report

Transparency is key to accountability and accountability is key to sustainable advancement.


I established methodologies to measure, manage, and track the company's short term and long term environmental progress. This required multi-year, cross-departmental data collection and stakeholder buy-in in order to be able to establish a baseline to measure against.

With concrete data now readily available, I created the company's first, annual Corporate Sustainability Report. This document publicly discloses the company's environmental achievements, improvements, challenges faced and future goals.

In addition, I was also contracted as a graphic designer to create the layout and infographics to visually support the data communicated.

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