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Product Value-Adding

What does it feel like to hold a piece of history in your hands, such as the equipment used by your biggest hero on their winning day?

The Modern Talisman is an emotional tool that employs fragments of the product that a cultural hero used during his or her success and embeds it into a new piece of equipment. This translates into an emotional motivator, supporting a successful physical performance. For the purpose of this project, skateboards and skateboarding culture was chosen as a primary example of the possibilities of this project. 

The Modern Talisman leverages waste as equity (for example - the unusable product - a broken skateboard used by Shaun White when he won the X Games) and elevates it into a relic status. Removing the sterility of mass-produced product, this project ensures individuality and a value-added product. This project is a launching pad for multidisciplinary results.

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