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Process & Development

These sketches are excerpts from a variety of different projects at various phases. It depicts my design process such as investigation, research and concept sketches. It shows communication of complicated biological organisms, along with its potential application to design. Quick sketch models and photographs of process work are included to demonstrate the importance of 3D investigatory research towards the final concepts.

Investigation: Patient Movement on Bed

Pressure Points In Hospital Bed

Friction Changes In Hospital Bed

Areas of Moisture Development

Research: Derma - Blister Formation

Blister-mimicking Bed

Biomimetic Inspiration:

Tomopteris Organism -  Abyssopelagic Ocean Region

Tomopteris Organism Methodology applied to Dynamic Bed 

Base Movement

Tomopteris Dynamic Bed Sketch Prototype

On-site research:

Inter-disciplinary collaboration Biomimicry Workshop- Costa Rica ‘09

Brainstorming & Ideation

In-shop model making

Streamlining Production

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